Vidhathri Academy



Backed by a blended experience of 22 years, Vidhathri was established to help students bridge the gap between academic knowledge and industrial demands.

Vidhathri aims to provide students with suitable training so that they can succeed in competitive exams in both India and overseas. As an institute, it is focused on vocational training and skill development. 

The teachers of Vidhathri approach conceptual understanding and emphasize clarity learning. Vidhathri holds immersion programs for bachelors and masters in chemistry and pharmacy which further enables the students to begin a career in Pharma Industry.

We propose to apply STEM education as needed for class VIII, IX and X students in Science and Mathematics with an integrated curriculum of international and national standards along with laboratory exercises.

We also offer IIT-JEE/NEET courses for class , 11th and 12th students in subject Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology.



  • We provide hands-on-skills training to build strong foundations for careers in Basic and Applied Chemical Sciences and Technology.


  • Using state-of-the-art resources, we build skilled manpower from scratch.


  • With proper R&D centre, Vidhathri is working to build a  skill development centre for post graduate individuals.


  • Our centers offer internship programs for the duration of 4-8 months.


  • our training revolve around synthetic chemistry,Quality assurance,Pharma sales and marketing, process /high scale-up labs.


  • We have integrated with Edugorilla, an online self-guided coaching service provider containing study and exam materials for competitive exams for all exams in India.
  • We help students to upgrade their learning skils in secondary education so as to increase their motivation for future careers in Science and Technology.
  • We believe in experiential learning through laboratory exercise and as per NEP 2020 guidelines.
  • We thoroughly focus on one-on-one approach for slow learners in order to make learning fun for them.
  • We help students to quickly advance their career through skill development of industry standards
  • Vidhathri provides students with 100% Placement opportunities.



The courses have been designed to have integrated teaching and lab practice so as to make students think, act, work independently and hone the skills required for a career in academia or industry.

All of the offline courses will have equal weightage to theory and practicals,where in personal attention shall be devoted to each student.

The faculty to student ratio for each batch has been set to 1:10. The theoretical component is a careful balance of lectures assisted with learning-management systems comprised of multimedia,quizes,interactive sessions,experiments.Students will be exposed to concepts such as case studies, group discussions and interactions with peers from leading academia and industry.

The group discussion and problem-solving skills are embedded in the syllabus. Students are expected to handle the instruments and are often required to have working knowledge of the same. Vidhathri also strives to contact local industry for possible placement opportunity of the student.




To impart high-quality contemporary methods of teaching-learning and laboratory practices to match the far-reaching calibre and create manpower for societal growth in the fundamental and applied sciences niche. We wish to set up entities in therapeutics, circular economy, and technology in interest to advance the educational scope of the nation.


To create and impart sustainable and holistic methods of education with hopes to conduct internationally acclaimed testing methods and procedures in finer areas of chemical sciences. Hoping to harness manpower of interest to global academia, industry, and society, we wish to escort eminent faculty and renowned practitioners and apply their expertise to new challenges.